3 Weeks To Go Until Arseways Comes To Dublin…

Hard to believe but it’s only 3 weeks until I bring my Arseways show to Dublin on December 21st. I’ve added a secret surprise support act who everyone will know from Irish telly. 66% of the tickets are already sold out so I’d move fast. If you listen to the podcast you will have heard the offer code to obtain your discount. If not they are pretty reasonably priced at £22 from tickets.ie.

66% of the tickets are now sold out so move fast!
66% of the tickets are now sold out so move fast!

If you’re plan was to buy Christmas cards on the night don’t risk it. Right now it looks like they will be all gone by mid-December so grab a pack now from the shop here at jigser.com.

Golden oldies, 2015 and 2016 ranges all available now and shipping worldwide.
Golden oldies, 2015 and 2016 ranges all available now and shipping worldwide.

All New Christmas Cards Have Arrived (Now in Technicolor!)

You can’t fight progress but we gave it a good go. For years my jigser cards have stuck resolutely to the idea that black and white was cool and color was nothing more than a flash in the pan lasting for the last 100 years of printing. Well just like an orange-faced millionaire running for election, at some point you have to concede you were wrong, flip over your desk and run from the building while flicking the V sign to everyone as you cycle away on your mountain bike only for the chain to come off. What I’m trying to say is this year’s Christmas cards are here and they are in colour. You can still get the old ones – 2015 and the classics. But the new ones are funnier and the price miraculously is still the same. It’s not that prices for printing, postage and labour haven’t gone up – they have! I just think €20 is the right price for a pack of 10 cards. So go ahead, take advantage of me and my kindness and I’ll just keep sweating away making you free podcasts to inspire and entertain you, while also printing these cards and donating kidneys to people who need them.

If you’d prefer to buy the cards in person and like leaving things to the very last minute, I’ll be back in Dublin on December 21st to do a show in the Laughter Lounge. I’ll have a few cards with me on the night.

A poster with me on it.
A poster with me on it.

Arseways Dublin Show Now On Sale!

The one and only Irish performance of my Edinburgh show Arseways will take place at the Laughter Lounge in Dublin on December 21st. I strategically chose that night because the 21st is the day before everyone stops doing any work for two weeks. So if you buy a ticket you can relax on the night knowing nobody will care if you’re a tiny bit hungover, late or absent from work the next day. Tickets are very reasonably priced but if you listen to the podcast there is an offer code available. Click this sentence to go straight to the ticket page.

The details.
The details.

News – Edinburgh – Podcasts – Tour Dates – More…

Post Fringe 2016 Tour Dates
Arseways, the show I performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, will be hitting the road and doing a few select dates in theaters i particularly like around the UK this Autumn. Would you like to come to a show? Brings some friends. The final date is back in Dublin on December 21st at the Laughter Lounge. Tickets are on sale now.

Podcasts to catch up on…
The Irishman Abroad podcast comes out every Sunday without fail. So if you’ve been away for the past while on holidays, make sure you catch up on the episodes with Dylan Moran, Peter Stringer, Kevin McAleer, Miriam O’Callaghan, Jape, Gordon D’arcy, Eamon Dunphy, Sarah Millican and many more. The only way to access the full archive of episodes is through the Irishman Abroad App. The App is free in the App Store now.

Kidney be simpler…
Did you know that you have two kidneys but only need one? Did you know people are dying every single day because they have no functioning kidneys. Seems like there is a simple answer to this problem. There is. You can donate a kidney relatively easily, save a life and carry on living your own without it effecting you negatively. I’m doing it. You should at the very least read about it.

Man With Unusually Large Head To Gig Near You Soon…

Heaps of tour dates and gigs have just been added to the diary. If you fancy coming to see Jarlath tell jokes at a club near you, just click on the links. This summer he’ll be playing at major festivals around the UK and Ireland, concluding with a three week run at the legendary Tron venue as part of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Tickets for the tour show go on sale next month.
Tickets for my tour show go on sale next month.

If you missed Jarlath on Live At The Palladium, you can watch the whole performance including the quiff in high definition on the ITV player.


You can hear Jarlath’s conversation with Ronan O’Gara on the Irishman Abroad podcast this Sunday by subscribing here. You can also hear the entire archive of his interviews in the new Irishman Abroad App – available now in the App Store. The archive includes Chris O’Dowd, Sharon Horgan, Dylan Moran, Tommy Tiernan and many many more.

Dublin Dates This April…and more juicy podcasting goodness.

I’m back in Dublin for a week this month to do some shows, interview some people for the podcast and have people ask me “when are you moving home”. By far the most important show is my annual benefit for the Mercy Law Resource Centre. Every year me and bunch of my friends put on show to raise some cash for this incredible centre. Mercy Law provides free legal aid and general help to people who are homeless and people who are at risk of becoming homeless in Dublin. As you might already know the housing crisis is out of control in Ireland right now and a lot of the people currently living in their cars are just like me or you. Normal people who never thought that this could be their reality. In most cases it’s just two or three things not going their way in a row and suddenly they find themselves with nowhere to sleep and no money to get the legal advice they need. Mercy Law need help to do that work. If you can’t make the show, why not go to www.mercylaw.ie now and make a donation.

A poster for the show.
A poster for the show.

Since Brian was on the podcast in January we’ve had former Taoiseach John Bruton, author Louise O’Neill, director Lenny Abrahamson, Enda McNulty, Keith Wood and Sarah Millican to name just a few. In the coming weeks we are launching the official Irishman Abroad App. The App will give you access to all the old episodes. It takes a while to build and costs a lot of money so I’m sorry it’s taken this long.

There’s a bunch of other stuff to tell you but I’m saying nothing until it definitely happens because I’m superstitious and/or silly.

Brian O’Driscoll Episode Is Now Available…and…

I got to sit and chat to an Irish sporting icon this week. For an hour we spoke about everything from his lack of confidence as a child, the “counseling” he received in 2008, what it was like to become an overnight success, the difficulty in trying to analyze the performance of players that used to be your team mates and of course Conor McGregor’s confidence. You can hear the whole thing here if you’re on an iPhone and here if you’re on an Android. But there’s more!

Our deadly sponsor Currency Fair have given me a VIP trip to the Ireland versus Wales game at the Aviva Stadium on February 7th. I’m not just bragging about a cool thing I got. They want me to give it to you! All you have to do to win it is listen to the episode and follow the simple instructions. Best of luck.

I’ve also added a load of new tour dates including Oslo, Manchester and Cardiff. Come to a show. It’s good stuff.

Here's Brian attempting to pass me the ball. I'm just out of shot. Literally two seconds after this shot was taken that ball hit me in the face.
Here’s Brian attempting to pass me the ball. I’m just out of shot. Literally two seconds after this photo was taken that ball hit me in the face.




via An Irishman Abroad.

New Jigser Cards Are Here At Long Last!

We did the first print run of my newest range of Christmas cards yesterday. You’ll still be able to get the golden oldies but now there’s 10 brand new designs for 2015. I think they’re some of the best yet. The cards are printed on even better quality paper stock, include even better envelopes and faster delivery than ever before. Go and have a browse. If there’s a specific card(s) you fancy, just stick a note in the box when you order an we can make up a pack with just those ones in it. Nearly all the money from the cards goes towards funding the podcast. The rest will be put towards buying biscuits and Lego more than likely.

The New Cards Are Here At Last!
Custom Selection Available On Request!

It’s HERE at last!

Tonight’s the night. My first ever solo show in London’s glittering West End. If you haven’t already got your tickets we have held some back for the door. You can pre-book here http://leicestersquaretheatre.ticketsolve.com/shows/873530210/events

Get a move on. There's only a few tickets left.
Get a move on. There’s only a few tickets left.

Oh…and the new Christmas cards are about to go on sale. For now you can buy the old ones at the same old price from the shop here at jigser.com.