Brand New Christmas Cards Are Here For 2021!

Delighted to announce that my new Christmas cards are finally here. They’re not your average cards in that they’re funny. You need to chose carefully who you send them to. Printed in Dublin using the finest card and ink, each one comes with a delightful envelope. We ship the very next day you order. Enjoy.

Here’s the new babies.

Exclusively Available In Ireland

    I was hoping to be able to ship them world-wide or at the very least to England but sadly that was not to be. We will also be selling last year’s set. I have updated them for 2021. The shop is now open for you to browse and grab.

    These are some of my all time favourites.

The 2020 Jigser Cards Are Here!

Happy to say that after a lot of head-scratching and scribbling, I’ve finally got this year’s Christmas cards from Irishman Abroad ready to ship. They are in limited supply so pop your order in to be sure to get them and get them in time. They ship from Dublin and are printed by my good friend Paul. I hope you like them. Here’s a link to all of the cards available this year. If you like one card more than others you can tailor a pack by leaving a note on your order.

Take Closer Look.

Christmas Cards Nearly All Gone?

Sadly nearly all the Christmas cards are all gone.  I say sadly, but my head is wrecked from packing them up and sending them.  So I’m a little relieved to be honest.  The most popular cards are all still available but only in packs of 12 and 6. The packs are presented kinda nice with black tissue and fancy wrapping paper.  So even if you don’t get a chance to send them, they make a pretty decent gift.

A lot of people who don’t have credit cards or Paypal have been asking if there is another way to buy the cards.  The answer is yes.  Come to any of these gigs I am doing and I’ll have them in my bag and I’ll sell them to you there and then.

Dec 12th – The Wool Shed, Parnell Square Dublin – 9pm

Dec 15th – The International Bar, Wicklow Street

Dec 16th – The International Bar, Wicklow Street

Dec 17th – The International Bar, Wicklow Street

Dec 19th – The Workman’s Club, Dublin

New Jigser Xmas Cards Online Now!


That pretty much says it all. Click on THIS link  to see the all new cards including the Star Wars card that George Lucas is threatening legal action over.  Still an absurd €1, they are, to my mind, the best way to say to someone you love/like this Christmas, “I’m glad we share the same sense of humour.” Enjoy.

The 2011 Jigser Xmas Cards will arrive this week!

It took a while but the new Jigser Christmas cards, featuring the Michael D. Higgins and Star Wras cards, will be available to buy this week from the shop.  Still only €1 each they are such good value that it’s getting harder and harder to justify the effort that goes into selling, packing and sending them! And of course the book, “How To Break Bad News”, which is now completely out of print, is still available exclusively from the shop.  If you’re thinking I will get in in a book shop for less, you really can’t . is now the only place to get it so pick one up and I’ll pop it in the post to you.

Finally, tickets are still available for the big final night of the tour in Whelans on December 3rd.  If you’d like a VIP ticket for you and friend, mail me and I’ll enter you in the draw.

Putting a ring on it

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This month Jarlath is touring Ireland and lauching his new book “Putting A Ring On It” in the The Sugar Club.

It’ll be available to buy in all bookstores then or to pre-order from Amazon. In the meantime check out his cards, books and album or come to one of his gigs near you!

How to Break the Bad News

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The book of Jarlath’s greeting cards was the 7th best-selling humour book of 2009 in Ireland. Still available in most book shops. Or you can get it here! Only €10 (+€3.99 postage).