Classic Xmas Cards

[two_columns_one] Oldies but goldies! Here are the original range of Jigser Xmas cards.

Christmas cards are usually crap. Jigser cards are the exception to that rule. The gallery shows you the outside and inside image on each card. The setup and the punchline (I hate that that had to be explained) Click the outside image and then go to the next one to see the inside of the card. Then begin to giggle into your sleeve. If you like one or two particular cards just email Jar and he’ll make sure you only get those in your pack.

Each card is beautifully reproduced on silky 300g card and comes with a snazzy little envelope. Send them to people you know will get the joke and share a snigger together.. or send them to people you know won’t get them for “the craic”.
[/two_columns_one] [four_columns_one](Due to demand the cards are no longer available in the black boxes but they do come in a very well presented glossy package.)  Envelopes are included. Have a look at this year’s range here and last year’s most popular cards are still available to buy here.

The packs of 10 are €20
(shipping, packing + postage).
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