The Jarzilla Tour Is Coming Soon! Plus More News!

Jar is taking his new show “Jarzilla” out on the road. Would you like him to come to your town or local theatre? Get in touch. Right now, he’s working on the edit of the standup special he filmed in Dublin in January but soon he will be flying everywhere there are Jarlath Regan fans. Kicking things off in London, Jar is doing one huge show in Bloomsbury Theatre. Tickets are sure to sell out for this St Patrick’s Day weekend event so be sure to book yours well in advance.

Jar is also running the London City Marathon on April 23rd in aid of the Menphy’s Charity in Leicester. To support him on this epic journey why not kick in a few pennies for his cause and listen to the fun he’s having training with the great Sonia O’Sullivan – Ireland’s best ever track and field athlete.

You might not know this but jar also has a parenting podcast with his wife. The behavioural specialist and star that is Tina Regan, chats to Jar about the emails they receive from parents who find themselves overwhelmed by their kids. Jar provides the laughs and Tina provides the essential info. “Honey, You’re Ruining Our Kid” has been number 1 in the charts for weeks. Get on board.

Brand New Standup Special Filming This January

I’m flipping delighted to say that my new standup special is being filmed this January in Dublin. Mad to think it’s three years since we filmed the last one in Vicar Street. You can watch that one here now for the very first time. The new show, “Jarzilla” is as the name suggests, the biggest thing I’ve ever taken on. I would love you to be in the audience. Here’s the link to get your paws on a few tickets. I’m not going to say the C word just yet but we both know these tickets would make a nice gift. Especially when coupled with a night in a hotel. Just saying.

Jarzilla Filming In Dublin.

1 Million Views On Youtube!

Who knew explaining how Irish wedding drinking works would prove so popular? Youtube did. This video has gone semi-viral in the last few weeks. If you are not subscribed to my channel, please do. I am banging up 3 new podcast videos a week and one new standup video every Friday.

Would You Like To Be Coached By Sonia O’Sullivan?

It Could Be You! But if you’re not in you can’t win!
That’s the opportunity the Irishman Running Abroad podcast is offering on this week’s show. Two lucky listeners will receive 10 weeks of coaching from Sonia and a fully tailored training plan created for their specific running ability by the greatest Irish track and field star of all time as part of the Irishman Running Abroad Half Marathon Challenge. The winners will also link up with us and the show every two weeks, fill us in on your progress and eventually on August 28th, take part in the Antrim Coast Half Marathon. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this incredible prize is send an email to with your story and the subject “Pick Me”. Sonia will select and announce the winners on the show next week. You’ll also need to be (a bit of a character) able to take part in the half marathon on August 28th and cool with chatting to us on the podcast every couple of weeks. This really is a once in a life time chance to get instruction, support and craic from the best in the biz. Being coached by Sonia completely changed my life. I can’t guarantee it will do the same for you but I can promise we will have a lot of fun along the way. Winners will also receive the very fancy Irishman Running Abroad 2022 team singlet and th respect of all the runners in your parish. Good luck, Jar.

Stand-Up Is Back! Like Properly Back.

Delighted to say that after a long time of dribbling back to life, the power hose of comedy is back on full. Adding dates all the time and building towards something really special in the summer and autumn. Hope you and your loved ones have survived this thing we have lived through. Get in touch with me / (the person that handles the big stuff) if you have any questions about live shows, bookings, podcasts, running or life.

Return Of The Craic has a new indoor home and will be announcing a full slate of shows over the next while. Irishman Abroad just added a new twice monthly podcast featuring someone I love. Sonia O’Sullivan and I are heading to Cobh for her ten mile road race in April. Why not come with us and raise some money for charity.

Run – Write – Laugh – Podcast – Try To Avoid Infection.

It goes without saying things have gotten even stranger since I released Notions Eleven to stream globally. While I have you there, don’t forget to go here to watch it. I’m very proud of it and you will laugh. Lord, do we need to laugh.

I’ve been doing everything possible to keep making stuff for you to enjoy the past few month. I completely revamped the podcast on Patreon so that members could now enjoy even more running pods with Sonia, a mini-series on independent book shops, Marion McKeone on the greatest scandals in American history and bigger guests than ever before on Sunday’s Irishman Abroad big interview show. If you want the show to keep going and you’d like to keep on getting more of it, pop over an d join up.

Return Of The Craic went from online to the real world with shows resuming here in the UK a while ago. I’m happy to say the shows we have put on have all sold out. We are now adding a big show in London for the Underbelly Festival on September 25th. I’d absolutely love you to come and see a massive lineup of acts who played the club during lockdown, in person for the first time.

If you want to give me a shout a gig, guest, idea or dilemma email

I’ve Got Notions…On The RTE Player!

Notions Eleven, my first ever standup special, has landed on the RTE Player and is now available to stream worldwide for FREE for the first time. This show is my baby. It took more than a year to put together and we were so lucky to get it filmed just under the wire on March 6th, 2020. I think you’re going to love it.

Full One Hour Standup Special Filmed In Dublin on March 6th, 2020.