Jarlath Regan’s Back Road Comedy Show Tour 2011

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For people interested Jarlath Regan’s first national tour of hand-picked, weird and wonderful comedy venues around Ireland. Join this group if you want to submit a venue you’d like to see the tour visit. With a bit of luck Jarlath and a bunch of other stand-up comedians could be showing up in your local to put on a one off night of hilarity and high-jinx / low jinx / mid-level jinx.

Putting a ring on it

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This month Jarlath is touring Ireland and lauching his new book “Putting A Ring On It” in the The Sugar Club.

It’ll be available to buy in all bookstores then or to pre-order from Amazon. In the meantime check out his cards, books and album or come to one of his gigs near you!

How to Break the Bad News

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The book of Jarlath’s greeting cards was the 7th best-selling humour book of 2009 in Ireland. Still available in most book shops. Or you can get it here! Only €10 (+€3.99 postage).

Welcome to Jarlath Regan’s Internet.

Jarlath is the comedian and creator of Irishman Abroad Podcast. If you want to contact Jar personally, that’s impossible. Just email one of his many many employees irishmanabroadpodcast@gmail.com or  on twitter. Whatever it is, a problem with your internet, parenting advice or if you’d just like to enquire about his availability to come and tell jokes or host something for you, email the above address now. Your email will be read and replied to by an actual human being. .