New Standup Show Has Arrived!

Notions Eleven Tickets Are On Sale Now For Dublin. Click On The Image To Book.

Notions Eleven is the title of my new standup show. It’s the follow up to my last show Organ Freeman. This time I didn’t have to cut off any part of my body to write it. It’s a funny show about truth, its declining value, Maura Higgins’ place in this and what if anything we are meant to do now. The show makes it’s official debut at the Dublin Fringe in the most notionsy venue of them all The Abbey. Click here to buy one or two of the very reasonably priced tickets. For London folk there will be few previews of it here and there but largely it’s written and ready to go.

Aside from that I’ve been banging out the podcasts, swimming in the sea and doing little festivals (Not Edinburgh) up and around the place all summer. If you’d like to hear all the new episodes in the full cut and the oldest Irishman Abroad episodes, this is the place to find them and more.

Dennis Taylor, John Giles & Episode 300

Three massive episodes in three week. One with maybe the greatest Irish footballer ever, another with the snooker’s most iconic character and the final one, a gala event to raise thousands for a charity like no other.

Click the image to visit page and hear more.

Episode 300 with Aisling Bea, Roisín Conatty, Laura Whitmore, Niall Breslin and Angela Scanlon is but days away. Join us for this one of a kind night to celebrate the Irish, this huge milestone and the London Irish Centre Charity. It all goes down this Saturday at 7.45pm. Don’t gamble and try to walk up. You won’t get in. Buy a ticket now, while there’s still some left.

Getting Dennis Taylor on the podcast was a goal I had since it began back in 2013. 6 years later, Ken Doherty helped to make the dream a reality. His story of going from playing snooker once a week in Coal Island to being a top ten player in the world five years later is something else. On the other end of the spectrum, John Giles explains how he was a cult figure in Irish street football by the age of 10! He welcomed me into his home in Birmingham on a wet afternoon and we talked about overcoming loneliness, had some laughs about nonsense data analysis in football and lots more. Click on the link or image to go directly to the episode.

If you fancy looking fresh this summer and supporting the podcast, visit our t-shirt shop. We have a bunch of very snazzy Irishman Abroad classic tees, polos, hoodies, carrier bags and mugs. All perfect for the Irish legend in your life and shipped for very little, to almost anywhere in the world.

Jayziz, you’re looking fierce well.

I’ve a load of new standup shows booked in and a big announcement on the way. So check back or sign up to the mailing list to hear all about it first.

Imelda May On The Pod This Week.

A guest I’ve been chasing for about 5 years and one of the inspirations behind the Irishman Abroad series, Imelda May, is finally on the show this week. I loved this chat for so many reasons. Take the time to download it and save it for a quiet trip or walk. You won’t regret it. Imelda’s latest album is called Life, Love, Flesh & Blood and I really couldn’t recommend anything more right now. Click here to access the podcast or here to buy tickets to our big live episode in London on June 15th in aid of the London Irish Centre Charity.

Best lit photo in the history of world for one of the best episodes in the series.

Episode 300 – Come Join Us! – June 15th On Southbank.

To mark the triple century of Irishman Abroad episodes Jarlath and the team behind Irishman Abroad podcasts have put together a night of standup, conversation, music, laughs and maybe evening dancing. It’s part of the always brilliant Underbelly Festival on London’s Southbank. Tickets are limited and on sale now. Join Jarlath and a surprise selection of guests from the series to mark the big three oh oh!. Here’s a link.

People having craic at last year’s festival. Picture yourself here! Having your own craic.

People having craic at last year’s festival. Picture yourself here! Having your own craic.

Irishman Behind Bars Released Today!

So much true crime content is voyeuristic and leaves you with an awful feeling inside. The makers might be well intentioned but they often trawl over a terrible unanswered question and we are left none the wiser at the end, feeling like the system is broken. I wanted to create something that celebrated the finding of justice. Something that focused on the patience, perseverance and dogged nature of those that see wrong and say, “I’m not having it.” Within any miscarriage of justice there is tragedy but that is not necessarily the end of the story. In myy new series “Irishman Behind Bars” we hear about the possibility of redemption and the wrongs of our imperfect system being addressed one case at a time. Episode 1 and 2 of season one are out now on iTunes/Soundcloud and is completely free to download. Season two is on the way. Like, Subscribe, Share, Enjoy.

Organ Freeman the Live Album is here!

The digital album comes with five bonus tracks.

Organ Freeman, the show I wrote about donating a kidney to my brother, is now available to download. Part of the delay was the documentary on organ donation I’ve made to accompany it. I met with organ recipients, transplant surgeons, doctors and families to try to help spark more conversation about this life changing thing that very few people are talking about. Go buy the album or listen to the podcast today. It actually is a matter of life or death.

We’ve Had A Hairy Baby!

For the last ten years or so I’ve been hooting with laughter at some of the creations of Hairybaby – Ireland’s number 1 contemporary design label for eejits and gobshites. Over that time I’ve purchased heaps of their stuff and marvelled at the quality of the materials they use and the speed with which the stuff was delivered. Imagine my reaction when the Hairybaby itself approached me to collaborate on my very own range of Irishman Abroad apparel. After months in development, testing, stretching, washing, scrubbing, drying, spilling tea on, scrunching into a ball, ironing and washing, we are delighted to present the first items in the range. The hoodie, the bag, the t-shirt and mug are now in stock and available in a range of colours and sizes from extra small right up to XXXL (or “big unit” as it is referred to in the GAA). Click here to go straight to the site. Fill up your basket and watch your life and level of cool improve.

You absolutely mug!

Darragh printed the first t-shirt and was compelled to immediately put it on his body such was its irresistible beauty.

NY Episodes, Cards, Live Dates And More…

Like our ancestors and Eddie Murphy, we came to America and found more than we ever expected. Thanks to all the sound listeners who came out to hear and see the show in Manhattan on October 31st, our guests John Duddy & Tim Wheeler, the Irish Network in NY, Lorcan Shannon and Glamour Magazine’s Editor Samantha Barry for doing the show the day before. It was a short trip but definitely not our last. My next trip is to Berlin in December for one standup show – tickets are on sale now and there’s a link under the live tab.

I have a new standup show almost written. I’m running around different places trying it out at the moment while trying to do everything else. The first proper performance of the new show will take place at the Leicester Comedy Festival on February 10th. Tickets for that are on sale here.

In case you missed it, Irishman Behind Bars is now heading for Episode 4. Featuring Paddy Armstrong of the Guildford 4, Ibrahim Halawa and the case of Harry Gleeson, season 1 focusses on cases of wrongful conviction and we will expand it from there. The next episodes are about the Maamtrasna murders, the case of Steven Avery and a broader discussion of why these cases occur with Anne Driscoll of the Innocence Project. Right now the only way to hear it is on our premium feed. I’m so bloody proud of the series so far, that alone would justify the tiny $5 subscription but you get a lot more on top of just one series. Have a look for yourself.

Men Behaving Better is hurtling towards our biggest event of the year. A double episode recording at The Other Palace Theatre on December 6th. If you haven’t heard the other episodes here’s a link. Tickets are shifting fast so move your butts.

Men Behaving Better is back in December.

This year’s card collection will launch in the next week or so. I can safely say this year’s card are truly ridiculous. I’ve re-released some old goodies in the meantime if you can’t wait until then.

Golden oldies, 2015 and 2016 ranges all available now and shipping worldwide.