All New Christmas Cards Have Arrived (Now in Technicolor!)

You can’t fight progress but we gave it a good go. For years my jigser cards have stuck resolutely to the idea that black and white was cool and color was nothing more than a flash in the pan lasting for the last 100 years of printing. Well just like an orange-faced millionaire running for election, at some point you have to concede you were wrong, flip over your desk and run from the building while flicking the V sign to everyone as you cycle away on your mountain bike only for the chain to come off. What I’m trying to say is this year’s Christmas cards are here and they are in colour. You can still get the old ones – 2015 and the classics. But the new ones are funnier and the price miraculously is still the same. It’s not that prices for printing, postage and labour haven’t gone up – they have! I just think €20 is the right price for a pack of 10 cards. So go ahead, take advantage of me and my kindness and I’ll just keep sweating away making you free podcasts to inspire and entertain you, while also printing these cards and donating kidneys to people who need them.

If you’d prefer to buy the cards in person and like leaving things to the very last minute, I’ll be back in Dublin on December 21st to do a show in the Laughter Lounge. I’ll have a few cards with me on the night.

A poster with me on it.
A poster with me on it.