Big News For People Who Like Little News…

It seems like someone has nominated me for an award! Mind you, it’s one of those online poll-based awards so the winner will more than likely be the person that convinces all their friends to go to the website and vote or the person with the best online poll-rigging software. I can’t afford any such thing so if you want to vote ten times a day you can by visiting this website¬†and going to the stand-up section.

The last few boxes of my cards are on sale in the shop if you want them. If you’re not into PayPal or cards with credit go to the real bricks and mortar shop on 15 Duke Street – just off Grafton Street. They’re more expensive there but you get to walk out of the shop with them in your hands.

The cards are now in a shop legitimately. Unlike the other times when I have just left them in a Hallmark display for the craic.

The album recording was a very special night. Thanks to everyone that came. I should be able to release the final version online in the next few weeks.