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Dublin Dates This April…and more juicy podcasting goodness.

I’m back in Dublin for a week this month to do some shows, interview some people for the podcast and have people ask me “when are you moving home”. By far the most important show is my annual benefit for the Mercy Law Resource Centre. Every year me and bunch of my friends put on show to raise some cash for this incredible centre. Mercy Law provides free legal aid and general help to people who are homeless and people who are at risk of becoming homeless in Dublin. As you might already know the housing crisis is out of control in Ireland right now and a lot of the people currently living in their cars are just like me or you. Normal people who never thought that this could be their reality. In most cases it’s just two or three things not going their way in a row and suddenly they find themselves with nowhere to sleep and no money to get the legal advice they need. Mercy Law need help to do that work. If you can’t make the show, why not go to www.mercylaw.ie now and make a donation.

A poster for the show.

A poster for the show.

Since Brian was on the podcast in January we’ve had former Taoiseach John Bruton, author Louise O’Neill, director Lenny Abrahamson, Enda McNulty, Keith Wood and Sarah Millican to name just a few. In the coming weeks we are launching the official Irishman Abroad App. The App will give you access to all the old episodes. It takes a while to build and costs a lot of money so I’m sorry it’s taken this long.

There’s a bunch of other stuff to tell you but I’m saying nothing until it definitely happens because I’m superstitious and/or silly.

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