End Of One Chapter Means The Beginning Of Another.

So the journey of Irishman Abroad and CurrencyFair has come to an end and now it’s up to you as to what happens next. We had some great years with CF and I will be sad to see them go but the world is changing fast and so are we. That’s why we are turning to you. If you’d like Irishman Abroad to continue and if you can afford a fiver a month, you can be a stakeholder in the next chapter. In return I’ll keep making the show every week without fail the way I have for years but better, with the people you want to hear from, at the level you’ve come to expect. There’s other benefits and you can read all about them here. For starters you’ll get access to hundreds of interviews not available anywhere else.

This is a hard time for us all. I get that better than most. Comedy disappeared over night. Now it’s up to me to change and make the podcast more. I hope you’ll come with me on this. If you can’t I get that, if you can, you’ll be paying for those who can’t. But please support someone who has less than you during this time. Even if it’s just the old lady who lives across the hall. We can get through this together and then I promise, we will laugh and probably cry, but in time we will laugh.

Stay well, be safe, be smart.

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