Irishman Abroad Is Moving! The Countdown To August 1st Has Begun.

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Happy to say that on August 1st, Irishman Abroad and all our podcasts will completely move to Patreon. It’s a big move designed to allow us to continue to make the show sustainably for years to come. What does it mean? Well starting on August first you will be able join up as a member and in return you will find all our weekly podcasts, archive and other exclusive series such as Irishman In America with Marion McKeone in one place, on one feed.

You will still be able to get a little taste of the show over on iTunes and Soundcloud but from the start of next month Patreon becomes our new home, where you can sign up and for a small fee (less than a fiver) insure the survival of Irishman Abroad and get access to absolutely everything on the network, from the weekly shows, to the live monthly online shows to the true crime series – Irishman Bars and more.

To start it off I have a special offer that launches on August 1st. Something I have been working on for over a year. Something that I will give you with your membership if you sign up now or in the first two weeks of August. I won’t say what it is until the offer launches on August 1st but it is new and exclusive and it will be my way of saying thank you to all of you who join up for this really exciting next phase. You can wait, or do it now, either way you’ll receive the special offer on August 1st automatically. To be completely honest, I’m just very excited about the move to Patreon, what we have planned and you being part of it.

I’ve poured my life in to Irishman Abroad and now through Patreon and Premium Irishman Abroad I have found a way to make it work sustainably for the years to come. I want and need you to come with me, be part of it, help write the next chapter and enjoy everything that comes with it.
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