Irishman Behind Bars Released Today!

So much true crime content is voyeuristic and leaves you with an awful feeling inside. The makers might be well intentioned but they often trawl over a terrible unanswered question and we are left none the wiser at the end, feeling like the system is broken. I wanted to create something that celebrated the finding of justice. Something that focused on the patience, perseverance and dogged nature of those that see wrong and say, “I’m not having it.” Within any miscarriage of justice there is tragedy but that is not necessarily the end of the story. In myy new series “Irishman Behind Bars” we hear about the possibility of redemption and the wrongs of our imperfect system being addressed one case at a time. Episode 1 and 2 of season one are out now on iTunes/Soundcloud and is completely free to download. Season two is on the way. Like, Subscribe, Share, Enjoy.