New Dates, Articles and Podcasts.

My new weekly column in The Irish Post has been up and running for the last three weeks.  The first one is about reminding yourself you’re Irish.  The second one is about children falling on their face. And this week’s article is about feeling shit about yourself in January.  Each one is like stupid essay. I’ve tried to make them as funny as possible so you know, enjoy. And if you don’t enjoy, then do something else.

Such as download the new episodes of the podcast.  Last week’s Irishman Abroad featured former world snooker champion Ken Doherty and this week I spoke to the Irish comedy icon Ardal O’Hanlon.  It’s on Soundcloud and iTunes obviously.  Click on the new dates tab and you can see where I’ll be next. This weekend Birmingham.  Next weekend I’ll be doing a very special solo show as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival.  Tickets are available here.