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Post Fringe 2016 Tour Dates
Arseways, the show I performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, will be hitting the road and doing a few select dates in theaters i particularly like around the UK this Autumn. Would you like to come to a show? Brings some friends. The final date is back in Dublin on December 21st at the Laughter Lounge. Tickets are on sale now.

Podcasts to catch up on…
The Irishman Abroad podcast comes out every Sunday without fail. So if you’ve been away for the past while on holidays, make sure you catch up on the episodes with Dylan Moran, Peter Stringer, Kevin McAleer, Miriam O’Callaghan, Jape, Gordon D’arcy, Eamon Dunphy, Sarah Millican and many more. The only way to access the full archive of episodes is through the Irishman Abroad App. The App is free in the App Store now.

Kidney be simpler…
Did you know that you have two kidneys but only need one? Did you know people are dying every single day because they have no functioning kidneys. Seems like there is a simple answer to this problem. There is. You can donate a kidney relatively easily, save a life and carry on living your own without it effecting you negatively. I’m doing it. You should at the very least read about it.

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