Irishman Behind Bars Released Today!

So much true crime content is voyeuristic and leaves you with an awful feeling inside. The makers might be well intentioned but they often trawl over a terrible unanswered question and we are left none the wiser at the end, feeling like the system is broken. I wanted to create something that celebrated the finding of justice. Something that focused on the patience, perseverance and dogged nature of those that see wrong and say, “I’m not having it.” Within any miscarriage of justice there is tragedy but that is not necessarily the end of the story. In myy new series “Irishman Behind Bars” we hear about the possibility of redemption and the wrongs of our imperfect system being addressed one case at a time. Episode 1 and 2 of season one are out now on iTunes/Soundcloud and is completely free to download. Season two is on the way. Like, Subscribe, Share, Enjoy.

Organ Freeman the Live Album is here!

The digital album comes with five bonus tracks.

Organ Freeman, the show I wrote about donating a kidney to my brother, is now available to download. Part of the delay was the documentary on organ donation I’ve made to accompany it. I met with organ recipients, transplant surgeons, doctors and families to try to help spark more conversation about this life changing thing that very few people are talking about. Go buy the album or listen to the podcast today. It actually is a matter of life or death.

We’ve Had A Hairy Baby!

For the last ten years or so I’ve been hooting with laughter at some of the creations of Hairybaby – Ireland’s number 1 contemporary design label for eejits and gobshites. Over that time I’ve purchased heaps of their stuff and marvelled at the quality of the materials they use and the speed with which the stuff was delivered. Imagine my reaction when the Hairybaby itself approached me to collaborate on my very own range of Irishman Abroad apparel. After months in development, testing, stretching, washing, scrubbing, drying, spilling tea on, scrunching into a ball, ironing and washing, we are delighted to present the first items in the range. The hoodie, the bag, the t-shirt and mug are now in stock and available in a range of colours and sizes from extra small right up to XXXL (or “big unit” as it is referred to in the GAA). Click here to go straight to the site. Fill up your basket and watch your life and level of cool improve.

You absolutely mug!

Darragh printed the first t-shirt and was compelled to immediately put it on his body such was its irresistible beauty.

NY Episodes, Cards, Live Dates And More…

Like our ancestors and Eddie Murphy, we came to America and found more than we ever expected. Thanks to all the sound listeners who came out to hear and see the show in Manhattan on October 31st, our guests John Duddy & Tim Wheeler, the Irish Network in NY, Lorcan Shannon and Glamour Magazine’s Editor Samantha Barry for doing the show the day before. It was a short trip but definitely not our last. My next trip is to Berlin in December for one standup show – tickets are on sale now and there’s a link under the live tab.

I have a new standup show almost written. I’m running around different places trying it out at the moment while trying to do everything else. The first proper performance of the new show will take place at the Leicester Comedy Festival on February 10th. Tickets for that are on sale here.

In case you missed it, Irishman Behind Bars is now heading for Episode 4. Featuring Paddy Armstrong of the Guildford 4, Ibrahim Halawa and the case of Harry Gleeson, season 1 focusses on cases of wrongful conviction and we will expand it from there. The next episodes are about the Maamtrasna murders, the case of Steven Avery and a broader discussion of why these cases occur with Anne Driscoll of the Innocence Project. Right now the only way to hear it is on our premium feed. I’m so bloody proud of the series so far, that alone would justify the tiny $5 subscription but you get a lot more on top of just one series. Have a look for yourself.

Men Behaving Better is hurtling towards our biggest event of the year. A double episode recording at The Other Palace Theatre on December 6th. If you haven’t heard the other episodes here’s a link. Tickets are shifting fast so move your butts.

Men Behaving Better is back in December.

This year’s card collection will launch in the next week or so. I can safely say this year’s card are truly ridiculous. I’ve re-released some old goodies in the meantime if you can’t wait until then.

Golden oldies, 2015 and 2016 ranges all available now and shipping worldwide.

New Youtube Channel Launched

I’ve been booted in the arse and the rush of momentum has allowed me to relaunch my Youtube channel.

We have big plans for the thing! (Expect more standup and podcast related videos each week) If you like what you see, it would be a huge help in getting the channel named and verified if you subscribed. Here’s one clip from Organ Freeman performed in the Comedy Store in June. Enjoy.

Three New Dates For “Men Behaving Better”.

Join me, Romesh Ranganathan, Deborah Frances White, Richard Herring and many more for the live recordings of “Men Behaving Better” Season 1. Across three nights in the stunning Other Palace Theatre in Victoria we will discuss, debate, laugh and agitate each other on the biggest questions relating to how men can change for the better. Each episode will cover two questions ranging from “Where does forgiveness fit into the Me Too Movement?” to “How do we raise young men not to make the mistakes of the past?”. There will be standup, audience involvement and hopefully lots of craic that wasn’t predicted. Tickets for night one are on sale now via this handy ticket link.

Move fast. Limited tickets remaining.

New Podcast & Organ Freeman’s Final Soho Theatre Performances.

New podcast and a man walking by a picture of himself like he didn’t set this photo up.

The new Men Behaving Better podcast has arrived. Episode 1 is available to download today and features Fern Brady, Simone George and Pierre Novellie. It’s the path-finding episode for the whole series. A conversation to help us start out on this new type of conversation about male improvement in the face of the long time coming realisation that we need to be better. Future episodes in London will be recorded at the gorgeous Other Palace Theatre on September 20th, November 8th and December 6th. We will record two episodes each night, tickets will go on sale on Friday next and the guests will include Deborah Francis White of The Guilty Feminist Podcast, Roisin Conatty, Fin Taylor and many many more. If you’re one of the ultra-sound people who support us on Patreon you will get advance access, extended episodes, behind the scenes stuff and discounts on live show tickets.

This week’s episode was recorded at Soho Theatre. A place I will return to this month for the very final performances of Organ Freeman. It’s a standup show about donating a kidney and was named before Morgan Freeman revealed himself to be an awful person. There won’t be any more extra dates added. This really is it. The show was absurdly difficult to write and even harder to perform. To make matters worse, it got harder to perform the more I performed it. It is still something of which I’m immensely proud, something that audiences have connected with, laughed at and experienced “all the feels” as they say. I have to move on, just like my brother has (he’s doing fine #spoileralert). I’ve a new show almost written, two new podcasts and a family to take care of.

14 years ago I went to Demetri Martin in the main house at Soho Theatre at a time when I had barely two jokes to rub together. To be playing that room now with a piece that means this much to me…well lets just say, I’d really appreciate if you sent your soundest friends down to see it before it’s put away forever. I’ll still keep banging on about getting a Donor Card because live donation changed my life and my entire family’s life. There’s 3500 people in need of kidneys right now in the UK alone. You only need one to survive and be able to tell jokes. I’m proof of that. Live donation also makes you into a better funnier person. Come see for yourself on August 23, 24, 25.

An Announcement!

The Organ Freeman tour is nearly over! The final performances of the show will take place in Glasgow, Newcastle and Edinburgh – the place where it all began. I’d love if you came to see it. Click on the dates to buy tickets while you can.

This show has taken a lot out of me literally and emotionally so I’m not going to the Edinburgh Fringe. Instead I’m working on something completely new. I’ll take a few breaks to do shows in Paris, New York, Kilkenny and Dublin. If you’re not in those cities maybe you’re going to a festival. I’ll also be performing on the comedy stages at festivals including Latitude, Leeds, Reading, Electric Picnic and more still to be announced.

The podcast has grown a huge amount since we started our Patreon page. Subscribers now get extra length episodes, discounts on live shows and pretty soon a new podcast completely. Yep. We are starting a new podcast, “Men Behaving Better”. The first episode will will be recorded at Soho Theatre on June 13th.

If you’d like to help Irishman Abroad podcast create new podcasts why not click the donate button or visit our page now to see the benefits available to you as an ultra sound person.

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