I’ve Got Notions…On The RTE Player!

Notions Eleven, my first ever standup special, has landed on the RTE Player and is now available to stream worldwide for FREE for the first time. This show is my baby. It took more than a year to put together and we were so lucky to get it filmed just under the wire on March 6th, 2020. I think you’re going to love it.

Full One Hour Standup Special Filmed In Dublin on March 6th, 2020.

Ardal O’Hanlon Joins Jarlath This Friday.

This Friday’s online comedy show in aid of frontline charities includes some Irish comedy royalty. Ardal O’Hanlon joins Jarlath, Sunil Patel and Hal Cruttenden for a night of laughs and chat. You can be there too. Streams can be reserved for just £10 with all profits going directly to frontline charities in desperate need. The show starts at 8pm but you can access the full live show via Youtube any time before midnight on Friday February 26th. Patrons of Irishman Abroad can received free tickets each week. Yet another reason to sign up over at www.patreon.com/irishmanabroad. For as little as £4 a month you will get three weekly podcasts with Marion McKeone and Sonia O’Sullivan plus our monthly recommendations show “The Selection Box”.

Make Us Part Of Your Friday Night And Give Little Something To Charity In The Process.

So Much News…Online Gigs, New Podcasts & More.

Return Of The Craic, my comedy club, is now happening on a weekly basis. In the real world it happens in my local venue. In this weird world of lockdown it happens online. We give the profits from the shows to charity and key workers get in free each week. This week it’s charity workers turn. Spread the word. These shows work very simply in that you register and get a link. 20 audience members sit up from in the show and the rest get a private link for YouTube. I have spent about 9 months getting these gigs to work properly, sound great and look great. We need to laugh at the end of these mad weeks and we need to help these charities. Just click here to register and get your tickets.

Since all this madness began I have more than tripled the output from Irishman Abroad podcasts. There’s the running/wellness podcast with the legend Sonia O’Sullivan, the America podcast with our US correspondent Marion McKeone, our cultural recommendations podcast The Selection Box and of course our big interview each Sunday. There’s never been a better time to jump on board and get access to it all here.

But wait there’s more we also released new Irishman Inside Basketball, Men Behaving Better episodes and a new YouTube video version of The Selection Box exclusive to our members.

Stay safe and I’ll see you at the gigs hopefully.


The 2020 Jigser Cards Are Here!

Happy to say that after a lot of head-scratching and scribbling, I’ve finally got this year’s Christmas cards from Irishman Abroad ready to ship. They are in limited supply so pop your order in to be sure to get them and get them in time. They ship from Dublin and are printed by my good friend Paul. I hope you like them. Here’s a link to all of the cards available this year. If you like one card more than others you can tailor a pack by leaving a note on your order.

Take Closer Look.

“Notions Eleven” Now Available To Download & Stream.

Notions is my brand new standup special and it’s out now for download and stream for the very reasonable price of $5. Not only will you get the special but you’ll also get a month’s worth of access to all the Irishman Abroad content including my other special Organ Freeman, documentary series, bonus series and of course the entire Irishman Abroad archive.

Notions Eleven would have gone to the Edinburgh Fringe, Soho Theatre, on tour and back to Vicar Street but now comedy is in a coma. Buying this special or any standup comedian’s special is the best way to make sure it blinks its eyes open at the end of this thing. I want to keep making comedy and the Irishman Abroad series. Releasing the special this way gives me a chance. I know you’re going to love it. Notions covers all the big topics Epstein, trifle, British people and their obsessions and of course Irishmen and their inability to be charming while living in Ireland. Here’s where you need to go to get it.

Enjoy. Stay safe. Don’t be a spanner. Wear a mask. Become a Patron!

Irishman Abroad Is Moving! The Countdown To August 1st Has Begun.

Click On The Image To Have Look Around Our New Home.

Happy to say that on August 1st, Irishman Abroad and all our podcasts will completely move to Patreon. It’s a big move designed to allow us to continue to make the show sustainably for years to come. What does it mean? Well starting on August first you will be able join up as a member and in return you will find all our weekly podcasts, archive and other exclusive series such as Irishman In America with Marion McKeone in one place, on one feed.

You will still be able to get a little taste of the show over on iTunes and Soundcloud but from the start of next month Patreon becomes our new home, where you can sign up and for a small fee (less than a fiver) insure the survival of Irishman Abroad and get access to absolutely everything on the network, from the weekly shows, to the live monthly online shows to the true crime series – Irishman Bars and more.

To start it off I have a special offer that launches on August 1st. Something I have been working on for over a year. Something that I will give you with your membership if you sign up now or in the first two weeks of August. I won’t say what it is until the offer launches on August 1st but it is new and exclusive and it will be my way of saying thank you to all of you who join up for this really exciting next phase. You can wait, or do it now, either way you’ll receive the special offer on August 1st automatically. To be completely honest, I’m just very excited about the move to Patreon, what we have planned and you being part of it.

I’ve poured my life in to Irishman Abroad and now through Patreon and Premium Irishman Abroad I have found a way to make it work sustainably for the years to come. I want and need you to come with me, be part of it, help write the next chapter and enjoy everything that comes with it.
Become a Patron!

New Standup Clip & The Irishman Abroad Online Comedy Club Returns!

Become A Patron And Gain Free Access To All Future Gigs Or Click To Buy Tickets.

With theatres and comedy clubs still closed I have you covered with the next best thing. The Irishman Abroad Online Comedy Club returns with a stellar line-up more guests still to be announced. You can buy an individual stream ticket and watch this show from live at home for just €5 or become a patron and get in for free from now on!

In other news The New York Times used the word “Gobshite” in its print edition thanks to Roddy Doyle. The time has come for the world to understand the subtle differences between a gobshite and an eejit. So here’s a clip from my up-coming standup special on that very subject.

The Irishman Abroad Monthly Comedy Club Is Here.

A Gig. In Your House!

Come back to a comedy club this June 19th for the first time since lockdown. Irishman Abroad’s monthly online comedy club brings the spontaneity and most importantly the laughs of standup back to your living room with performances and chat from some of the best comedians alive today. How will this work? Well we’ve done our research so let me explain.

As you might be aware, things have changed in the world. It’s looking less and less likely that live performance in rooms full of people will come back any time soon. January 2021 was the last I heard and like everything, that’s a guess. We all miss it. We all need it. Comedians like me and my friends really need it. So I’ve been scratching my head for a while now wondering, investigating and testing what could work for a live comedy show. Now I think I’ve found it. Our streaming method even includes a front row so you’ll be able to hear the audience laugh throughout the show!

To get a ticket you need to join up but you won’t just get the ticket or link to the stream. You’ll get access for a month to everything from Irishman Abroad. So to be clear. It’s only $5 and you’ll gain access to the club stream on the night and as a bonus you’ll get access to all the Irishman Abroad podcasts for the month. So you won’t just get entertainment for the night you’ll get hundreds of ours of stuff to listen to for the next 30 days. Just click here and it will take two minutes.

The acts on the night will include Deirdre O’Kane, Abandon and one other act. There will also be music and chat with The Coronas frontman Danny O’Reilly. The show starts at 8PM. Come along. Or stay where you are and I’ll bring the comedy to you.

Our First Dance Is Here!

If you were glued to “The Last Dance” you may have a bit of a gap in your schedule at the moment. Well Irishman Inside Basketball, our the newest podcast from the Irishman Abroad Podcast Network, might be the perfect thing for you. Over the last few months I have been meeting some of the most interesting characters inside the game and going deep into their lives, the sport itself and where it fits into history and the world. What has come out of it are some of the best conversations I’ve ever had. Why not give it a try?

From Downtown, Boomshakkalakka, etc.

You can gain access to all our episodes including the most recent avalanche of episodes I’ve released since the lockdown began by going here and signing up to Premium Irishman Abroad. For the price of pint you get access to hundreds of epic guests and chats from our archive and all new bonus content and episodes that have never been released. We have also launched our own Youtube channel if that’s how you’d prefer to get your episodes.

Just some of the great episodes we have churned out since this madness began. Click on the image to enjoy them.