The Jarzilla Tour Is Coming Soon! Plus More News!

Jar is taking his new show “Jarzilla” out on the road. Would you like him to come to your town or local theatre? Get in touch. Right now, he’s working on the edit of the standup special he filmed in Dublin in January but soon he will be flying everywhere there are Jarlath Regan fans. Kicking things off in London, Jar is doing one huge show in Bloomsbury Theatre. Tickets are sure to sell out for this St Patrick’s Day weekend event so be sure to book yours well in advance.

Jar is also running the London City Marathon on April 23rd in aid of the Menphy’s Charity in Leicester. To support him on this epic journey why not kick in a few pennies for his cause and listen to the fun he’s having training with the great Sonia O’Sullivan – Ireland’s best ever track and field athlete.

You might not know this but jar also has a parenting podcast with his wife. The behavioural specialist and star that is Tina Regan, chats to Jar about the emails they receive from parents who find themselves overwhelmed by their kids. Jar provides the laughs and Tina provides the essential info. “Honey, You’re Ruining Our Kid” has been number 1 in the charts for weeks. Get on board.