New Standup Clip & The Irishman Abroad Online Comedy Club Returns!

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With theatres and comedy clubs still closed I have you covered with the next best thing. The Irishman Abroad Online Comedy Club returns with a stellar line-up more guests still to be announced. You can buy an individual stream ticket and watch this show from live at home for just €5 or become a patron and get in for free from now on!

In other news The New York Times used the word “Gobshite” in its print edition thanks to Roddy Doyle. The time has come for the world to understand the subtle differences between a gobshite and an eejit. So here’s a clip from my up-coming standup special on that very subject.

The Irishman Abroad Monthly Comedy Club Is Here.

A Gig. In Your House!

Come back to a comedy club this June 19th for the first time since lockdown. Irishman Abroad’s monthly online comedy club brings the spontaneity and most importantly the laughs of standup back to your living room with performances and chat from some of the best comedians alive today. How will this work? Well we’ve done our research so let me explain.

As you might be aware, things have changed in the world. It’s looking less and less likely that live performance in rooms full of people will come back any time soon. January 2021 was the last I heard and like everything, that’s a guess. We all miss it. We all need it. Comedians like me and my friends really need it. So I’ve been scratching my head for a while now wondering, investigating and testing what could work for a live comedy show. Now I think I’ve found it. Our streaming method even includes a front row so you’ll be able to hear the audience laugh throughout the show!

To get a ticket you need to join up but you won’t just get the ticket or link to the stream. You’ll get access for a month to everything from Irishman Abroad. So to be clear. It’s only $5 and you’ll gain access to the club stream on the night and as a bonus you’ll get access to all the Irishman Abroad podcasts for the month. So you won’t just get entertainment for the night you’ll get hundreds of ours of stuff to listen to for the next 30 days. Just click here and it will take two minutes.

The acts on the night will include Deirdre O’Kane, Abandon and one other act. There will also be music and chat with The Coronas frontman Danny O’Reilly. The show starts at 8PM. Come along. Or stay where you are and I’ll bring the comedy to you.

Our First Dance Is Here!

If you were glued to “The Last Dance” you may have a bit of a gap in your schedule at the moment. Well Irishman Inside Basketball, our the newest podcast from the Irishman Abroad Podcast Network, might be the perfect thing for you. Over the last few months I have been meeting some of the most interesting characters inside the game and going deep into their lives, the sport itself and where it fits into history and the world. What has come out of it are some of the best conversations I’ve ever had. Why not give it a try?

From Downtown, Boomshakkalakka, etc.

You can gain access to all our episodes including the most recent avalanche of episodes I’ve released since the lockdown began by going here and signing up to Premium Irishman Abroad. For the price of pint you get access to hundreds of epic guests and chats from our archive and all new bonus content and episodes that have never been released. We have also launched our own Youtube channel if that’s how you’d prefer to get your episodes.

Just some of the great episodes we have churned out since this madness began. Click on the image to enjoy them.

Rescheduled Tour Dates Announced

Make Plans For Future, It Keeps Your Mind Off The Present.

I know it’s the last thing any of us are thinking about but I bet when this is all behind us you’ll need to get out and go to things. Well, I’ve been working hard to find a way to reschedule the remaining Notions Eleven tour dates. That show is going to seem pretty of its time so my aim is to have a brand new hour by the time we come out of lock down. That way if you come to see me you’ll get two shows for the price of one. Belfast Waterfront is the only date we are waiting on. Here are the others…
Stockton Arc is now on October 17th.
Colchester Arts Centre is now on March 26th, 2021.
Guidford G Live is now on July 3rd.
Maidenhead Norden Farm will be October 25th.
Brighton Komedia is moved to September 19th.
A normal person might have put these in chronological order but I’m an absolute renegade when it comes to order.
Stay safe and stay at home…ideally listening to podcasts!
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End Of One Chapter Means The Beginning Of Another.

So the journey of Irishman Abroad and CurrencyFair has come to an end and now it’s up to you as to what happens next. We had some great years with CF and I will be sad to see them go but the world is changing fast and so are we. That’s why we are turning to you. If you’d like Irishman Abroad to continue and if you can afford a fiver a month, you can be a stakeholder in the next chapter. In return I’ll keep making the show every week without fail the way I have for years but better, with the people you want to hear from, at the level you’ve come to expect. There’s other benefits and you can read all about them here. For starters you’ll get access to hundreds of interviews not available anywhere else.

This is a hard time for us all. I get that better than most. Comedy disappeared over night. Now it’s up to me to change and make the podcast more. I hope you’ll come with me on this. If you can’t I get that, if you can, you’ll be paying for those who can’t. But please support someone who has less than you during this time. Even if it’s just the old lady who lives across the hall. We can get through this together and then I promise, we will laugh and probably cry, but in time we will laugh.

Stay well, be safe, be smart.

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Vicar Street, London and more…

Hard to believe but Notions Eleven my new standup show about your highfalutin ideas about yourself is being filmed this Friday in Dublin. After that I’m hitting the road for dates across the UK. This all hangs in the balance of course. Coronavirus has made everyone scared of gatherings of more than 1,000 people. Thankfully I don’t have Coronavirus and all the gigs are in venues that are about 200 seats – tops.

The show on March 14th is a bit special. Not only is it the only tour date for London, I’m also making it into a St Patrick’s weekend special with some of my best comedy friends joining me on the bill. The lineup is a secret but I promise you won’t be disappointed. Tickets are on sale here.

Mini-Tour Announcement

My new standup show Notions Eleven might be coming to your town in the new year. In preparation for the special filming n Vicar Street on March 6th I’ll be doing a bunch of previews in places like Top Secret, Leicester Comedy Festival, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Nottingham. Then once the special has been taped I’ll bring it back to England do one big show in London at the Tabernacle Theatre and bunch of other performances of it around the country in preparation for the Edinburgh Fringe. The show is changing with every day and development in the news. The version I wrote and performed at the Dublin Fringe in September seems like an eternity ago. I’d love if you came to see it in 2020 or better still brought your sound friends. Click on the tour dates tab to go directly to the dates we’ve added so far. There will be others added in New York, Ireland and the U.K. so check back in or sign up to the newsletter to find out if this mini tour expands to include your shire.

Jar's Face in a pompous uniform with a load of tour dates below. It's the tour poster for the Notions Eleven tour 2020!
Each performance will have a brilliant tour support John Meagher on the night. Two comedians! Imagine that!

New Cards Have Arrived!

Happy to say my new Christmas cards are finally finished and printed. If you are tired of regular, boring, unfunny cards, you might like these. If you’re a regular who gets them every year, you’ll know what you’re getting into. Click on the shop to view them now. Let the Christmas head melting begin!.

Still only €2 per card. And still shipping worldwide. How is this possible?!

Link to shop here too – so so sound.

Filming My First Standup Special in Vicar Street

Come to this show.

Here’s a big thing I’d like you to come to and enjoy. I’m filming a special. In my favourite venue no less! Vicar Street was the first place I got to standup in front of more than 30 people. I can’t quite believe that the time has come to film my first special there – but it has and I would very much like you to be there. Reserve your seats now here.

New Standup Show Has Arrived!

Notions Eleven Tickets Are On Sale Now For Dublin. Click On The Image To Book.

Notions Eleven is the title of my new standup show. It’s the follow up to my last show Organ Freeman. This time I didn’t have to cut off any part of my body to write it. It’s a funny show about truth, its declining value, Maura Higgins’ place in this and what if anything we are meant to do now. The show makes it’s official debut at the Dublin Fringe in the most notionsy venue of them all The Abbey. Click here to buy one or two of the very reasonably priced tickets. For London folk there will be few previews of it here and there but largely it’s written and ready to go.

Aside from that I’ve been banging out the podcasts, swimming in the sea and doing little festivals (Not Edinburgh) up and around the place all summer. If you’d like to hear all the new episodes in the full cut and the oldest Irishman Abroad episodes, this is the place to find them and more.