Podcast Goes To Number 1….(Jarlath does the happy dance)

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and listened to the podcast.  “An Irishman Abroad” has been atop the iTunes hit parade for weeks now – which is crazy to me.  It has been recommended by The Guardian newspaper – which is also nuts. And we now have hundreds of thousands of weekly listeners – which actually melts a small part of my brain every time I think about it.

Top o' The Pops Guys!

If you haven’t got involved yet all you need to do is look in the mirror and say “Irishman, Irishman, Irishman” and I will appear and guide you through the steps of downloading it to your phone or computer. That’s not true but don’t be ashamed to try it just in case it is. For everyone else there is this handy link to iTunes or Soundcloud.

The podcast has had a couple of very generous sponsors and advertisers which have kept the whole thing a float. I hate when a podcast has the same ads week in week out so just email me at jarlo11@yahoo.com if you’d like your web business to sponsor the show or if you just want to get in touch.  It costs very little to take an episode (something in the region of one hundred to one hundred thousand dollars) and you get a whole load of fringe benefits.

If you would like to support the podcast and you don’t have a web business just buy a pack of cards from the shop. I will be launching a special 2013 Christmas pack in the coming weeks.

Once again thanks to everyone who has made the show what it is.