Gillen, O’Leary, Abrahamson, McCoy…

We’ve had some incredible guests on Irishman Abroad in recent weeks. If you missed them they are all available from iTunes for absolutely nothing. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has kindly donated to the show by clicking on the donate button on this site. The donations go straight to the costs of running and producing the episodes.  If you’d like to throw in something in return for the free entertainment just click the button now. If you give more than £20 you get a limited edition Irishman Abroad t-shirt!

Later in the week I’ll be announcing a very special live episode recording in Dublin. Check back in to hear more. Thanks again for listening.

Catch Up On What You've Missed! Go to iTunes or Sound Cloud now.
Catch Up On What You’ve Missed! Go to iTunes or Sound Cloud now.