The T-Shirt Of Champions…

There are some items of clothing that define a generation. The ancient Greek’s had the toga, the caveman had those furry underpants, the ravers of the 1990s had X-Works jeans and we, as Irish people abroad, have this very smart t-shirt.  The official Irishman Abroad t-shirt of champions is the Ryan Gosling of t-shirts. It appeals equally to both men and women, looks incredibly sharp regardless of where it is seen and it has a unmistakable dangerous edge that makes it irresistible to the touch.  Unlike Ryan Gosling there are 62 of these little beauties in the world today.  One of them can be yours if you donate more than £20 to the Irishman Abroad podcast today. Don’t second guess your instinct. Do what feels right. This is your life and denying yourself these simple pleasures is no way to live it.  Help keep the podcast dream alive!

Cool t-shirt image
Featuring the official Irishman Abroad crest on the front, the t-shirt is made of 100% cotton brilliance. Hand printed by huge lads with big arms and featuring ten questions to remind yourself you’re Irish on the back, you’ll be the talk of the town. You deserve this. You’re a ride.