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It’s Not JUST A Bag. It’s The Official Irishman Abroad Podcast Bag!

Your days of bulging pockets are over. The Irishman Abroad bag has finally arrived. Football boots, important legal documents, precious family photos, booze or just some essential messages from the local supermarket, the Irishman Abroad bag can carry it all to AND from your chosen destination. Made from a beautiful environmentally friendly midnight blue canvas material with an extra-durable dual-handle-shoulder-friendly-strap-system, you’ll be the envy of all your friends at home and abroad with the all new Irishman Abroad bag. Get yours today and start turning heads. Simply click on the homepage at jigser.com and your bag will be shipped to you wherever you are in the world with a special note of thanks from Jarlath himself. You’ll be supporting the podcast and making yourself instantly more attractive in a few clicks of a button. (Donate £20 to receive one bag, £30 to receive two or £50 to get three.)

A Bag For All Seasons.

A Bag For All Seasons.

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