New Chapter For Irishman Abroad Podcast!

We’ve launched a new phase in the podcast. Basically I’m in the process of creating a new spinoff series. It takes time and it takes money so we need your help to do it. In return for your support you’ll get this beautiful Irishman Abroad pin. With it you can breeze past security in airports worldwide. You’ll also get access to the entire archive of episodes. Yep, all the episodes that have long since disappeared from iTunes are on our Patreon feed. That includes Brian O’Driscoll, Hozier, Louise O’Neill, Boy George, Tommy Tiernan, Lisa Hannigan and many many more. Just click here and join us. Or if that’s not your thing, you can always click donate. You’ll still get the t-shirt!

The pin of champions. Well, patrons and guests only.