Jarlath Is Going On Tour…

I’m bringing my show Organ Freeman to your town this Spring. This is me announcing my first ever mini-tour-type-thingy of the UK. It will take in a handful of my absolute favourite places to gig including Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and the real capital city of culture Bedford. The tour is a chance for you to see the show I got all the nice reviews for at the Fringe in August and a chance for me to meet you and show you the new material for the next show I’m working on right now. You don’t have to have an interest in organ donation to enjoy the show but the chances are that part of the show will affect you at some point in your life. Each show will have two halves. In the first I’ll perform bits from the new show and do a bit of general messing with the audience. Then in the second half you’ll get the full length, bells and whistles (projector included) version of Organ Freeman. Support live comedy, grab a ticket to this show when it comes to your town. We can have a pint together afterwards. All dates are linked on the gigs page.

This face is coming to your town.

Here’s another thing you might like. I did a panel show on BBC Radio 4 called “Where’s The F In News”. The show is a funny sideways look at the news of today with the reverse gender balance you see on most panel shows. Have a listen here.