Stop Sending Crap Christmas Cards – Send These!

This year’s Jigser Christmas Cards are now on sale and a portion of the proceeds will go to help organ donor awareness. Each year for the last few years I’ve designed and sold my Christmas cards and shipped them around the world. The cards have been featured on television and radio. One newspaper described them as “Genius” but what does The Times know! In the past all the profits have gone toward helping to fund the podcast but this year is a bit different. I’ve decided to donate virtually all the profits to various different Kidney Charities across the UK and Ireland.

The cards themselves are cheeky and should probably only be sent to people you know have a sense of humour. If you need to play it safe there is also a “Family Friendly” pack. In terms of value, they’re just €2 each excluding postage and packing. Just click on the shop link and have a look around.