The Irishman Abroad Monthly Comedy Club Is Here.

A Gig. In Your House!

Come back to a comedy club this June 19th for the first time since lockdown. Irishman Abroad’s monthly online comedy club brings the spontaneity and most importantly the laughs of standup back to your living room with performances and chat from some of the best comedians alive today. How will this work? Well we’ve done our research so let me explain.

As you might be aware, things have changed in the world. It’s looking less and less likely that live performance in rooms full of people will come back any time soon. January 2021 was the last I heard and like everything, that’s a guess. We all miss it. We all need it. Comedians like me and my friends really need it. So I’ve been scratching my head for a while now wondering, investigating and testing what could work for a live comedy show. Now I think I’ve found it. Our streaming method even includes a front row so you’ll be able to hear the audience laugh throughout the show!

To get a ticket you need to join up but you won’t just get the ticket or link to the stream. You’ll get access for a month to everything from Irishman Abroad. So to be clear. It’s only $5 and you’ll gain access to the club stream on the night and as a bonus you’ll get access to all the Irishman Abroad podcasts for the month. So you won’t just get entertainment for the night you’ll get hundreds of ours of stuff to listen to for the next 30 days. Just click here and it will take two minutes.

The acts on the night will include Deirdre O’Kane, Abandon and one other act. There will also be music and chat with The Coronas frontman Danny O’Reilly. The show starts at 8PM. Come along. Or stay where you are and I’ll bring the comedy to you.